@waxwing bitcoinmagazine.com/articles/h mentions pruned node, so it at least seems viable (if a bit iffy wrt. mobile data caps in a lot of countries).

Currently syncing abcore on phone from 0 in the UK only using mobile data...

@Firedragon888 @kekcoin

One thing I worry about is how hot it might get! I guess mobiles will just throttle high cpu.


@waxwing @Firedragon888 @kekcoin probably not hot until it hits blocks from 2019. The assumevalid feature causes it to not verify signatures up to a fairly recent block, so CPU isn't a bottleneck. Memory/disk reads run less hot. Downloading <0.5 MB per second (typical verification speed I've seen on ARM chips) might cause more heat though. Maybe put it on your sink so heat can dissipate. Not in your pants: I've a phone explode, it's not good for your legs 🙂

@sjors @waxwing @Firedragon888 @kekcoin
oohf, exploding phone sounds bad, so thankfully they're not trying to put an archival eth node on a phone ;)

Only running it sporadically, think it'll be a while till I'm in 2019!
@waxwing @kekcoin

@sjors @waxwing @Firedragon888 @kekcoin isn't it possible to copy a blockchain validated with a more suitable hardware?

I expect so, abcore is only a wrapper around bitcoin core. Just thought I do the whole thing on phone anyhow :)
@sjors @waxwing @kekcoin

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