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Merk dat na een aantal dagen #Mastodon raken langzaam maar zeker de toot-opties ingeburgerd. Alleen de taalinstelling moet ik nog consequenter gaan gebruiken.

How do you make a thread on Mastodon?

Pretty much the same way as on Twitter, with one difference. You compose the first post, publish it, then reply to it, then reply to it again, and so on. But there's one difference. If the first post is Public, you can make all the others Unlisted. This way, people can follow the thread by clicking on the first post, but their timeline isn't clogged up with all of the other posts.

[A short thread]

#FediTip #help

Deze stap van gedupeerde Coinbaseklanten kan ik wel begrijpen. Er zit een tweede laag onder die vakmatig relevant is, waarvoor een Telegraaf-artikel niet de juiste plek is om dit uit de doeken te doen.

Daarom een aanvullend draadje.

So, before I re-enable registrations, I will need this:

- 3 or 4 people willing to be moderator
- 1 or 2 persons willing to be admin (obviously I will need to get to know these people first), preferrably also to help me with sysadmin
- Do some more tuning and prepare for scaling up

Turns out that *more* than one of the contributors to Joinmarket has had their github account banned/blocked, but it seems not directly related to current news - it seems it happened specifically to people that only logged in via Tor.

I'm not sure of details, obviously, just reporting what I've heard.

Gitlab migration may be incoming.

#joinmarket #bitcoin #github

I was thinking that the act of falsely reporting tweets in order to get an account taken down, is probably something in the legal category of vandalism, destruction of property or even hacking (manipulating a computer system in order to make it do things that cause harm).

Perhaps that's enough ground to subpoena Twitter for contact details of whoever did this.

Though that all sounds like too much work. Also, suing for damages under Dutch law is futile, and touching the US legal system is meh.

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2. Someone got butt hurt by something I said, went through all my recent tweets and just reported everything they thought would stand a chance.

However, to get to this tweet would have taken a LOT of scrolling.

Perhaps they used search terms to find it more quickly.

The list of people I've not been super nice to is rather long though, which makes it tricky to hone in on any particular suspect.

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I have roughly two theories of what happened:

1. Russian intelligence / troll army is looking to take down anything negative of Putin (or that harms the Tsar's opsec).

If that's the case, it's an impressive move. Rather than just having a bot army report all my tweets, they found something the algorithm and many clueless moderators* would actually think is harassment.

* = I suspect the appeal process is mostly automated too, the first appeal was denied in about a minute

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One of the more sneaky things the bird site does, is to lock you of your account, but keep that a secret to the outside world.

People can still see my profile, reply to my tweets and even send me DM's. But I can't open them, can't reply to them and need to use alternative channels to even inform them what's going on.

"all" I need to do is remove the tweet though, then they'll stop the extortion. Very nice high pressure technique.

Bird site link to the thread:

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My bird site account was locked in the middle of the night, seemingly out of the blue, for something I said deep inside a thread two weeks ago.

The thread consists of me analysing video stills of Putin, particularly the lightning, which strongly suggests he is not in his normal office.

I attached the entire thing, including the "offending" tweet. I find it totally implausible that Twitter itself feels the victim of "targeted harassment". Yet they denied the (first) appeal. So what's going on?

Here's a new chapter PDF that you can buy with Lightning. It covers the mysterious Attack of the Fake Nodes in the summer of 2021. The mainstream media never talked about this! 🙂

And they're digging in. Are they trying to clean up negative press due to their stock crashing?

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And now, several weeks later, they decide to lock my account over this one:

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The link was still there though, not blocked, but less easy to find.

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The bird site just blocked a link to this, with no way to appeal it, because their Algorithm is Glorious:

The LNPay Node is back up, but if you've noticed issues in the past few days, it's because Tim's working on some Node issues. Just keep in mind most of the value enabled apps are using LNPay (which Tim has generously kept free for any of the early adopters) and we wouldn't be where we are today without LNPay making it so easy for an app developer to integrate Lightning Payments. Any podcaster receiving boosts and streams really owes Tim a debt of gratitude.

I wrote a blog post explaining my current Bitcoin Core + c-lightning + BTCPay + WooCommerce (+ Tor) setup.

Plus a little rant. And of course some shameless book promotion.

Nice quick update on the bird site "deal" progress by Patrick Boyle

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