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Still unreal to pay with Bitcoin at @McDonalds

Adding code deps isn't "free".

Security critical projects need a PR bot that provides the cost to review changes including any deps added.

"Adding these 3 deps includes 3M LOC and ~$7m in security review costs over 5 years"

Make devs think twice.

If GrapheneOS is indeed closed source that would be a blocker. I noticed in their Matrix chat there's a big feud between these two projects, where the GrapheneOS stated policy is to ban anyone from the chat who is associated with the other project. There's either a very good reason for that or is it beyond childish. In the latter case the project is doomed since children can't build secure systems.

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@stephanlivera towards the end, I hope Pol isn't planning an ICO for his mysterious super solution to all the problems?

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What's the latest on Bitcoin / Lightning wallets working with ? Just everything with an APK? What about Phoenix?

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Some progress in my plan to move from iOs to ... the Pixel 6 (Pro) has been released and they're starting to work on support.

Very interesting read. I spent quite a bit of time in Hong Kong and Shanghai, and visited Beijng a few times as well. So that adds some color to the reading. The book ties together some pieces of news I remember over the last decade. It is reason for both pessimism and optimism, as always with China.

I joined my buddy Gerbs' podcast the other day to explain Lightning. Some editing magic was involved to trim the various detours we went on.

[HWI] Merged PR from stepansnigirev: Trezor: Add multisig change address verification

Last weeks Bitcoin, Explained (formerly known as the Van Wirdum Sjorsnado) covers Rene Pickhardt's recent Lightning routing proposal. As I was chatting with him the evening before recording, I learned that I completely misunderstood it from earlier podcasts. Hopefully this helps:

The whole story is rather confusing, but it's worth a watch for the blockchain sleuthing in action. There's a lot you can tell about what Youtube influences are up to when they show their casino deposit addresses. Worse for Ethereum than for Bitcoin.

And did I just correctly see a Lightning deposit icon?

Oops, for some reason I had "Require follow requests" enabled and didn't actually check any of the follow requests. Approved and disabled, welcome!

Quick no-nonsense primer on the two recently announced (approved?) Bitcoin ETF's, which are based on futures.

Tl&dr: just buy Bitcoin yourself for a less complicated exposure and lower fees.

"Fans of Bitcoin are split between those who see this as a huge win for a decentralized payment system and those who point to the tyrannical character that is Bukele and worry that this will do more harm than good.

From my 6th floor podcast studio in Miami at the Oslo Freedom Forum I had the opportunity to speak to a journalist and El Salvador native on the full implications of the law and what it really means to the people of El Salvador and the Bitcoin movement."

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