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Quick no-nonsense primer on the two recently announced (approved?) Bitcoin ETF's, which are based on futures.

Tl&dr: just buy Bitcoin yourself for a less complicated exposure and lower fees.

"Fans of Bitcoin are split between those who see this as a huge win for a decentralized payment system and those who point to the tyrannical character that is Bukele and worry that this will do more harm than good.

From my 6th floor podcast studio in Miami at the Oslo Freedom Forum I had the opportunity to speak to a journalist and El Salvador native on the full implications of the law and what it really means to the people of El Salvador and the Bitcoin movement."

I think I installed Matrix chat and my handle is

The instructions are not super clear though.

> One email, for example, read: “Stay the f--- out of our crypto you demonic k--- ... DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Such friendly folks these white supremists.

But it's not surprising that when you deplatform people from the legacy financial system, they go somewhere else. And then, if they break the law, it's harder to find them.

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Incredible, amazing #lnurl/@lnbits powered NFC payment tag developed by @_TaxMeIfYouCan_ at @Paralelni_polis 🤩 🚀💪

Interesting short 4 part documentary on the various long term problems China is facing, some of which the CCP created itself. This was before Evergrande. Towards the end they speculate that the recent CCP reckless (un)diplomatic aggression is their way of distracting their population from these issues.

Who knows, but I suspect it's more mundane, just Xi's hunger for power and paranoia spinning out of control. That also fits better with their cultural crackdowns.

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I just published Announcing the Strike API

Today, @Twitter enables free, instant, global payments for their users with their integration of the Strike API.

What the internet did for communication, #Bitcoin + the Lightning Network is doing for money.

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[1/4] BitMEX is delighted to announce two new grantees on our no strings attached Bitcoin developer grant program.

@renepickhardt and @chris_coverdale

Chainalysis (based in Denmark) decides to blatantly violate GDPR by collecting data without permission on websites they secretly own? (via @emzy)

I was a guest on my previous employer's podcast. We covered all sorts of things Bitcoin / decentralization / open source / regulators:

Achievement unlocked, my first GUIX signature for a Bitcoin Core release. Took me a while to get everything up and running, especially building Guix from source.

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SLP305 @AaronvanW of @bitcoinmagazine El Salvador #Bitcoin Law On The Ground

- Using lightning at mcdonald's
- Protesters and critiques
- The truth on remittances
- Chivo Wallet
- @TheBitcoinConf

Ik leerde net dat DigiD SMS verificatie gaat uitfaseren: wat linkt naar waar deze link in staat:

Dus binnenkort kan je alleen nog gebruik maken van overheidsdiensten via proprietary apps 😡

EN: A crucial login service of the #Dutch government will stop supporting SMS 2FA and users therefor must use a proprietary app 🖕

the dependency chain for Debian's qttools5-dev-tools, which i only need for 'lrelease' (the translations compiler), is really strange, why would it need system background services like avahi-daemon, usb-modeswitch, wpasupplicant

just clicked through pages of docusign stuff and four screens of captchas to relicense a single LLVM commit from 2009, hope they're happy now,

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