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As I've revealed in my last Patreon post, I've been working on adding end-to-end encryption APIs into Mastodon as an upgrade to the direct message system.

Any and all technical details available at the moment are here:

An implementation guide for app developers is being worked on.


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Welcome to all the @bitcoinhackers. We need wallet and node devs to collaborate with the podcast app devs.

Wow, I just gained dozens of followers, welcome! Did something happen on the bird site? 🙂

Also I forgot to announce @AaronvanW and I recorded another episode in which we give a basic introduction to Lightning:

Episode 21! That's the number of MBTC that will ever be produced. How do you know that? Because it's in the source! And so goes the bad joke I forgot to make... @AaronvanW talk about dependency nightmares, deterministic builds and GUIX.

Stephan Snigirev dropped by @stephanlivera's podcast recently to discuss his DIY hardware wallet as well as the Specter Desktop application. They mention how QR scanning can be a pain if your webcam isn't very good, which I've experienced too. Part of the problem is that web applications don't process QR as efficiently as native code (e.g. on a Mac try QR Journal). Fortunately the app has some other sharing options too; I still need to implement outbound air drop.

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Feeling reckless? You can now use mainnet! Just don't risk more than you're willing to lose due to unforeseen bugs. Also write down the mnemonic: you can later import that in a different wallet.

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Carl Dong on the Chaincode podcast taking about reproducible builds. I even get a brief shout out, so now I feel guilty about not having reviewed build stuff in many months...

The latest TestFlight version of nthKey works with Specter Desktop (a Python application that runs on top of Bitcoin Core to make multi-sig super easy).

The app displays a QR code, which you scan with Specter. Then you select which devices make up your multisig wallet, pick a threshold, and you're all set.

Signing a transaction is also as simple as scanning a QR code, clicking Sign and then scanning the result with Specter.

Give it a try (on testnet)!

But Spotify has “way more advertiser demand for [SAI] than inventory to satisfy it,” said Jay Richman, head of global ads business and platform at Spotify

Should read: “We can’t covert enough of our customers to use our podcast player”

I’m not eve sure they’ll take JRE RSS feeds offline come Dec 1st

I definitely didn't expect the extent to which they're going to not take down things in the future just because they received a DMCA notice:

Native segwit (bech32) (p2wpkh) (BIP84) wallets are the default in Joinmarket, as of just now, i.e. it is in master branch. Release soon.

This means that if you start the software today you will create those wallets and use the joinmarket bot pit for those wallets and create coinjoins with them, by default; you can set `native=false` in the config if you want, however. See docs/ directory for details.

Please publicize this where you can for users' plausible deniability when starting new bots.

My @torproject relay server has been under a heavy ddos attack for a few days now. Anyone else experiencing something similar? @lukechilds?

@anita I guess these are all automatically spun up nodes? They all have channels with 023d70f2f76d283c6c4e58109ee3a2816eb9d8feb40b23d62469060a2b2867b77f (gameb_1) which I had a channel with that got closed somehow. I'll just try that again too.

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@anita I'm trying to connect directly to your tribe node, but it doesn't seem to be publicly reachable. According to 1ml it's at 03d88649b90830b7ccd04fc16cfb31b3a3071524e9fd37f4d91e6cff587a0dcc66@

@adam @dave it would be nice if there was a refresh button on every podcast page (with some rate limiting). Episode 17 hasn't shown up after ~16 hours, but there's always a podcast maker or die hard fan willing to hit a refresh button:

Podcasting 2.0 episode 11 "Streaming Sats" with @adam and @dave explain lightning payments in the Sphinx chat app, which is now also a podcast app.

I managed to get it running against my own Lnd node using sphinx-relay. It's still rather tedious, so I find myself watching debug logs and manually managing channels so the podcasters get their minutely sats. But it's very promising.

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