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When you add a picture to a toot, don't forget to click the 'Edit' link to add a description for the visually impaired.

The dialog that then pops up has a 'Detect text from picture' link below the edit box, which OCRs the picture and adds that to the edit box, which you can then (further) customize.
Pretty neat 👌

Dear Mastodon, I only come to you when Twitter is in trouble, like right now when everyone from Coinbase to Elon Musk is getting hacked. I neglect you so badly but you are always here for me.

In case any Rails developer is bored, consider implementing Safari push message support in Mastodon. You can use code from one on my recent projects to cheat:

Next week's Bitcoin Core PR Review Club is on PR #15644 "Make orphan processing interruptible" (p2p). Notes and questions are up -- thanks Neha Narula for hosting!

The embedded player in Mastodon plays the wrong video, so you may want click the link and go to Youtube itself.

It's also available on iTunes and Spotify as part of the Bitcoin Magazine channel. Or you can listen here: bitcoinmagazine.btc.libsynpro.

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Saving myself a Github search: is Mastodon working on end to end encrypted direct messages?

I wonder where you would keep the decryption keys; on the server would only make sense for folks with their own hosting, like yours truly. In the browser means you lose chat history if you delete cookies.

The bird site has a similar problem, for users - like yours truly - that generally don't use their app:

In episode 2 of the Van Wirdum Sjorsnado, @AaronvanW and I explain Taproot.

First we remind the listener of why P2SH is useful, then we explain how to put multiple spending conditions in a MAST, what the deal is with Schnorr signatures and then how it all fits together.

Audio quality is much better than last week, no more tornado sounds! But it should be even better next week...

@birdsite the original tweet said: "By the way, I was told multiple times that I'm censoring [Dutch conspiracy theorists] by fact checking them. It's convenient when calling out falsehoods is 'censorship'"

To which I replied: "Well, in a roundabout way you could argue something like that, but it says more about the absurdity of social media. In a world where 'fake news' is deleted rather than merely criticised, that criticism is used as an argument for deletion. But what do you do then?"

Nouja, via een omweg kan je iets in die richting stellen, maar dat zegt meer over de absurditeit van social media.

In een wereld waar "fake news" wordt verwijderd i.p.v. alleen bekritiseerd, wordt die kritiek als argument gehanteerd voor verwijdering. Maar ja, wat moet je dan? …

"The UK has set itself on a collision course with China after broadening its offer on extended visa rights from 350,000 to almost 3m Hong Kong residents."

Let's hope the CCP backs …

It uses by @ayushsharma22 and a simple cron job every minute.

If you use PyEnv then you can make a bash script like so, and have the cron job call it:

#! /bin/bash
cd tweet-toot
source venv/bin/activate
cd tweet-toot

You can have cron log the output:
* * * * * ~/ >> ~/bird_toot.log 2>&1

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I added a separate account to relay my bird site remarks. Just follow it here:

My favourite feature is an RSS feed per municipality . It lets you know when to return your bunker 🙂

Or in my case: when to come out of it. A green two-week streak is my personal threshold for going to indoor settings like a supermarket or hair dresser. That's not happening any time soon in my area.

I occasionally nag my municipality about the latest numbers, but they don't offer any explanation. Hopefully that changes if enough people start asking questions based on this data.

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I'm glad the health authorities are publishing some useful data, but availability and format are terrible. I ended up using a GeoServices REST endpoint provided by Esri. They in turn download and process CSV (!) files from government. There's gaps in the early data. The daily numbers are historical totals, which I then subtract to figure out the daily number of positive test results. Negative numbers mean a correction, but historical totals can also change. Anyway, it seems to work now.

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Allow me to plug here as well. It displays a "fire chart", as Yaneer Bar-Yam from calls them, for all Dutch provinces. You can drill down on a province to see how its municipalities are doing.

Built with Ruby on Rails, initially hosted on Heroku, but I moved it to my own Ubuntu server, which was easier than I expected.

It's open source, and should be easy to adapt to other countries; happy to accept PR's to make maintaining a fork easier.

I have a one month gap in my timeline. Looks like some daemon got ill and recovered once I upgraded Mastodon.

Dutch PM just announced that he embraces the bat shit crazy plan to create herd immunity by controlled infection of the population. Because the "experts" say so.

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