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Blog post waarin ik een recente witwaszaak doorloop, met focus op wat tegenwoordig telt als bewijs voor het bezit / gebruik van bepaalde bitcoin adressen.

Helaas wordt nog steeds cluster analyse gebruikt en blijft het lastig om rechters uit te leggen wat het probleem daarmee is:

Just got locked out of Twitter ... again ... because of this tweet, and so was @exiledsurfer for giving me a heads up on the article.

You can't make this up.

@ToneVays it would be great to have a dedicated iTunes for that series, so I don't have to write my own RSS feed proxy with a regex filter.

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Little known secret: @ToneVays doesn't only talk about price! :-) This Bitcoin Law Review episode is really interesting:

Mastadon toots are the perfect name for the farts that people let go on twitter. And the character limit here is bigger so one's toots can smell more.

@NicolasDorier I will not miss "in case you missed it" -> *clicks see less often*

Repeat 100000x

@TallTim Figured it out... You have to click on their username, then the dot menu on their profile allows you to hide the entire instance.

I hereby declare this Mastodon server to be under Blockstream dominion. All your toots are belong to us.

So since we are all on Mastodon now, you guys may be interested in reading about a culture war between different instances that happened last year. Quite a fascinating story

@sjors Python is my main thing -- which is probably why I could successfully delay for so long.

(plug: I teach a little Bitcoin programming course in Python right now. If you're curious, materials for first lesson:

Bitcoinhackers logo Round 2, Honey Badger Edition:

Had to tweak our sweet honey badger a bit to align with the grid / typography, but I don't think it takes away from his swagger.

@nvk @badger

And when you post a link to your new account, it's treated as a regular link and Amaroq opens Safari, which is then on a instance website that I don't have an account for, so I have to copy paste the URL, browse to my own instance and then follow from there. With a boost I can just click follow. UX needs some love.

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If you move to a new instance, use your old account to boost at least one tweet from your new account. At least with Amarok on iOs that way it's easier to follow your new account, as the redirect stuff doesn't seem to do much yet.

Wife: “What’s new”
Me: “Crypto Twitter is mass test driving Mastadon”
Wife: “Why?”
Me: “Because Facebook banned Alex Jones”
Wife: “But not twitter?”

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