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Going to implement user profile editing so people can add their PGP keys, XMPP/Jabber handles, etc.

@TallTim Figured it out... You have to click on their username, then the dot menu on their profile allows you to hide the entire instance.

I hereby declare this Mastodon server to be under Blockstream dominion. All your toots are belong to us.

So since we are all on Mastodon now, you guys may be interested in reading about a culture war between different instances that happened last year. Quite a fascinating story

@sjors Python is my main thing -- which is probably why I could successfully delay for so long.

(plug: I teach a little Bitcoin programming course in Python right now. If you're curious, materials for first lesson:

Bitcoinhackers logo Round 2, Honey Badger Edition:

Had to tweak our sweet honey badger a bit to align with the grid / typography, but I don't think it takes away from his swagger.

@nvk @badger

And when you post a link to your new account, it's treated as a regular link and Amaroq opens Safari, which is then on a instance website that I don't have an account for, so I have to copy paste the URL, browse to my own instance and then follow from there. With a boost I can just click follow. UX needs some love.

If you move to a new instance, use your old account to boost at least one tweet from your new account. At least with Amarok on iOs that way it's easier to follow your new account, as the redirect stuff doesn't seem to do much yet.

Wife: “What’s new”
Me: “Crypto Twitter is mass test driving Mastadon”
Wife: “Why?”
Me: “Because Facebook banned Alex Jones”
Wife: “But not twitter?”

ICYMI: I'll be writing a step by step tutorial on how to create an ecommerce store powered by open-source tools (WordPress, WooCommerce and BTCPay Server), step by step, with no steps skipped. Here's quick GIF of the illustrations I've been preparing. Intended for newbies who'd like to start earning bitcoin by participating in the ecosystem. You can also follow my crash-dummy store for the progress.

Glad to see folks are already thinking about hidden services:

In a non-privacy sense hidden services can also help improve mobile UX: app could spin up a fresh instance behind a hidden service, so friends can connect to you wherever you are, when you're online.

It would be cool if server owners could charge for accounts using Lightning. @NicolasDorier are you working on that yet? :-)

For portability, it should probably offer a permanent redirect once the subscription ends. If that uses standard HTTP, it should be pretty robust.

The liability sounds scary though, but botnets could do it 😣


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