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@orionwl I've used it in a dark past, as a poor-man's RBF tool.

In episode 5 @AaronvanW and I explain the Timewarp Attack and get into some gossip about certain altcoin drama:

@bitcoinmerges some followup remains, but very happy this got merged. Probably the deepest I've ever delved into build systems.

A new c-lightning release has been tagged (with another hilarious name). You can now send payments through multiple channels at once, increasing both privacy and routing pathways for your transactions of larger amounts.

#bitcoin #LightningNetwork

@neil is there a good Mastodon plugin to follow arbitrary RSS feeds? Might as well use it as a reader.

@udevnull @stevenroose @jon fwiw, Dutch Prime Minister Rutte just announced restaurants here will also need to keep a record of guests for contact tracing.

Makes sense given a number of outbreaks in restaurants, but let's see if law enforcement can keep its hands of the forbidden fruit.

Someone in Utrecht threw a birthday party at a bar and later found out he had Corona. At least 16 infected, including other guests. Poor guy.

RT @matt_odell
Spent the morning building this out with @DennisReimann.


If you are working on a bitcoin project and currently accepting donations: submit a PR and get yourself added.

If you are a bitcoiner: please consider supporting our builders!

@AaronvanW addendum: it looks like the 1 MB limit did have an activation flag height. There's actually 3 commits:
1. introduce the limit:
2. set a flag height:
3. remove the flag height (presumably once it was active):

The changes are buried deep inside innocuously named commits. Don't get lazy with code review...

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About avoiding the precedent of too much developer power, which can eventually lead to devs getting pressured by governments to do nasty stuff that nobody bothers to review until it's too late?

@jon @stevenroose @udevnull travelers sometimes confuse this, even more so in South East Asia where everything is cheap and people are super nice to *you*.

@jon @stevenroose @udevnull Berlin is great. Every time I set a Club Mate bottle down outdoors, for homeless people to collect, I have to remind myself I won't get a fine.

Not sure about southern Europe being more free. They have better hospitality for sure, but that's not same as being born there and living by the local laws and social norms. During lockdowns it certainly wasn't very free.

@emzy @udevnull @stevenroose @jon so that's Germany, not Belgium? IIUC it says that the police called the Corona-visitor-list of a restaurant, looking for witnesses of a nearby crime. It's not confirmed, but still problematic if true. It's also unclear how they got the list; potentially the restaurant owner illegally handed it over. But even then they should burn it, otherwise customers everywhere will start entering fake data.

@stevenroose @jon @udevnull if mandatory offline record keeping during a pandemic is too much infringement on your freedom, I don't think Europe is the right place for you. Let alone Belgium, which as a Dutch person I find overly an restrictive place 🙂

I think Germany has a similar system for restaurants, driving schools and such.

Easier to generate throwaway emails would be great.

I'm more worried about restaurant booking apps that facilitate this process; that's a big juicy data target.

@udevnull @stevenroose @jon that's very bad and hopefully a judge blows up that entire case to set an example. If it's true, do you have a source?

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