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@notmandatory if your hourly rate isn't outpacing inflation you're doing something wrong :-)

The link is hi-res, but if I look at the image attached to my toot it seems blurry.

Well , Twitter just locked me out again. This time they want a cell to text an sms to, and I'm not doing the cell phone thing right now. It's too bad you can't sms over a voip line. I guess my budding aspiring career as a Bitcoin/Lightning/Blockstream Media Designer will have to wait, until I get my Twitter back. Shucks.

@torproject does this work for Arm architectures in general? Or just Android? I'd love to add Tor Browser support to this:

@PaulTroon in reference to what I said on the bird site? Well, if you're writing a paper about some project / theory, you should probably already know who the experts are, or you should find them. Then I guess it's just the usual networking / social skills: try to give them something of value with no expectations, then later ask their help in a way that respects their time. Tim Ferriss talks about this quite often.

@jacob it's excellent news if Alex Jones realizes that he can use Mastodon as well and then promotes that through his remaining channels as well as all the media that will undoubtedly report such a move.

@hankchizljaw like most Twitter ads they try to blend in making it looks like someone in your timeline is sharing an article about them. I find Twitter ads incredibly annoying in general; they're not exceptional though.

@hankchizljaw @orionwl I wish there was a better alternative to DuckDuckGo though, if only because I'm super annoyed by their Twitter ads. Would be nice if there was a distributed search engine that your browser would automatically try first, and then only fall back to Google for difficult to find stuff. That would also starve the beast.

Blog post waarin ik een recente witwaszaak doorloop, met focus op wat tegenwoordig telt als bewijs voor het bezit / gebruik van bepaalde bitcoin adressen.

Helaas wordt nog steeds cluster analyse gebruikt en blijft het lastig om rechters uit te leggen wat het probleem daarmee is:

@pj @dammkewl @orionwl "IDGAF what brilliant new Internet rules they come up with" you should though. Even in the extremely unlikely even NL exits, which would be economic suicide, EU law would remain in place initially. And if censorship gets out of hand, that could make it very difficult to fight those laws, because you wouldn't be able to organize a movement.

@dammkewl @orionwl the upload filter thing is probably the least terrible internet censorship idea coming down from EU. What annoys me the most is that Dutch politicians, representing the country in the EU, hardly care about these issues either and usually just vote in favor. Even parties that are somewhat classical liberal, internet is a non-issue for them. Nation states aren't losing their relevance anytime soon, but the song by Henk Westbrook is relevant here: not many other places to go.

@orionwl the first ~380K blocks or so are the easy part, good luck!

@mydogisahusky @BitcoinBelle @djbooth007 if I was an employee at Twitter and I wanted to mess with someones head, I would definitely edit their tweets. It's an excellent way to make someone doubt their own sanity, as often there's nothing but memory as evidence.

Just got locked out of Twitter ... again ... because of this tweet, and so was @exiledsurfer for giving me a heads up on the article.

You can't make this up.

@another_droog mainnet iOs without a remote lightning node? Which app?

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