@waxwing and he even went into details about how to troll these analytics, like using revenue for the bar, paid by a Coinbase user, to buy legal gambling in Germany, and the customer loses their Coinbase account. I assume the customer voluntered 🙂

@sjors lol I was going to make the exact same post you just did on twitter; Laura Shin's just released podcast with Joerg Platzer placed an ad for cyphertrace (ridiculous dystopian 'crypto must be clean' drivel with robotic inhuman voice to match) right in the middle of Joerg explaining that fungibility and privacy are essential properties of money 😂


Banks are reverse ransomware.

Ransomware locks you out of your data and requires a payment to release it.

Banks lock you out of your money and require your private data to release it.

In both cases, there is no guarantee that they will honour their side of the contract, and sometimes, they just don't.

Today I learned far more about IPv6 than I wanted. It turns out my Bitcoin DNS seed (along with few others) was not reachable for nodes with only an IPv6 address. That's fixed now.

Though the people affected can't read this post anyway, because my Mastodon instance isn't reachable either :-)


This is my new Mastodon profile. I will boost it from my old one, waxwing@mastodon.social

Thanks @orionwl for hosting this :)

(I consider mastodon.social to be anti-free speech, hence the move).

I'm decentralizing my income a bit by launching my own LibrePatron instance. It's best seen as a way to bribe my priorities; although I have sufficient paid work, I find that it distracts me from open source Bitcoin development.

All proceeds pass through recklessly experimental software, such as my hardware wallet related pull request(s). That means I catch bugs before you do!


@waxwing @Firedragon888 @kekcoin probably not hot until it hits blocks from 2019. The assumevalid feature causes it to not verify signatures up to a fairly recent block, so CPU isn't a bottleneck. Memory/disk reads run less hot. Downloading <0.5 MB per second (typical verification speed I've seen on ARM chips) might cause more heat though. Maybe put it on your sink so heat can dissipate. Not in your pants: I've a phone explode, it's not good for your legs 🙂

@waxwing @jon well there seems to be at least one VC out there who gets it: youtube.com/watch?v=zFN__b6ARH (final talk on day 2 of )

@emzy I got mine pretty quickly. I paid on chain, because I didn't want to risk missing out while opening a new Lightning channel. Next year I should either just pre-fund a channel or hope Atomic Multi Path is done by then. The latter would be better for privacy.

@waxwing I actually stopped listening to the A16Z podcast a year ago because indeed they seem either utterly clueless or willfully ignorant (bags).

3: Much more famous and so not as interesting of a recommendation, but I'm right now finishing listening to this interview with Poelstra; it's one of the better ones he's done, I commend the hosts for letting him just go at it in detail ( the first section is all about miniscript and super interesting, then it broadens to other stuff, also I get a mention, blink and you'll miss it 😂 ):


3/3 (unless I think of more!)

@haakon pretty good progress in the first day... And it works with ⚡️

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Rockstar @FelixWeis@twitter.com buying bitcoin via Lightning at an ATM. #LightningHackdayHK at @bitworkasia@twitter.com

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