@michaelfolkson unless of course those people decide to change the PoW. Not something I'm a fan of.

@ajtowns @michaelfolkson @bitcoinmagazine @AaronvanW if enough transaction fees pile up, it increases the incentive for miners, but they'd have to be confident about ever reaching coinbase maturity, and the price at maturity being attractive.

external signer support merged into bitcoin! Makes it easier for your bitcoin node to sign bitcoin transactions with hardware wallets. going to test this with HWI next chance I get. would be cool to get it working with trezorctl directly as well. github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/blo

@michaelfolkson (1) as I said on the bird site: excessive paranoia about government action and motives, is a feature when designing a crypto currency. There's always some government somewhere, or at some point in time, that *is* really bad, and you want the system to be resilient to that.

@michaelfolkson every asset has "unlimited upside". That said, I don't find his reasoning convincing.

1. The software and protocol is not dominated by covid deniers. I don't even know what the covid-denier equivalent of "denylist" gate would look like.

2. He seems to assume that medium of exchange and unit of account have to match for a currency to be viable, yet empirical evidence (e.g. darknets) shows otherwise

@harding @kekcoin @roshii there's also the issue of maintenance and replacing the mining equipment. Solar radiation is probably not ideal for durability either.

@harding @kekcoin @roshii that assumes the cost of moving (or building) mining equipment into low solar orbit is outweighed by the benefit of extra energy per surface area. That might be true.

But it might be cheaper to just build and deploy more panels on Earth.

It's also conceivable that geothermal energy on Earth is more cost effective (it's everywhere if you drill deep enough).

@roshii banks worked fine back in the day when it took weeks or months of sailing to reach far away destinations. Communication with Mars takes less than an hour. I don't see much of a problem.

@roshii almost nobody remembered the 1918 pandemic a century later, so it's possible. But it's possible nobody will remember Bitcoin. Stay humble!

@SuperDicq @djoerd @frank87 @jasper @ton ik snap sowieso niet waarom beheerders Fediblock gebruiken. Het is een totaal ontransparant proces. Een soort kliklijn waar iedereen een instance zwart kan maken, en dan wordt het door een anoniem persoon beoordeeld en toegevoegd.

Maar goed, uiteindelijk moeten gebruikers van die instance dan maar met hun voeten stemmen voor beter beheer. Of zelf een instance draaien.

the following merges accounts have been added:

- @guimerges merges to the bitcoin core GUI repository
- @secp256k1merges merges to the secp256k1 library
- @hwimerges merges to hardware wallet interface
- @miscmerges for merges to various other bitcoin core repositories

@kekcoin @orionwl @bitcoinmerges for me the volume of toots is too high to follow the account, hence my suggestion to split it.

But of course I have ways outside of Mastodon to stay up to date.

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