@matt I generally do see some replies when I click on a post, but probably more when I view it on the original page.

@matt @nieske turns out it's a bad idea to change LOCAL_DOMAIN once you've set things up.

I think the solution would be to setup a new Mastodon server on a different subdomain, which uses the root domain for LOCAL_DOMAIN and then just migrate my account there.


@matt yeah, it's not actually the URL that changed, it's just that "@ sjors @ sprovoost.nl" should work in user search.

@nieske de URL is hetzelfde, maar je zou me moeten kunnen vinden met "@sjors @ sprovoost.nl" (zonder spaties).

I.i.g. heeft het aanpassen van LOCAL_DOMAIN in m'n .env niet *alles* stuk gemaakt.

Ok, either I completely destroyed my instance and nobody will read this, or I succesfully managed to get rid of the stupid "m." in my profile URL.

@martijnreintjes misschien een nucleaire ijsbreker om bepaalde partijen tegemoet te komen? Zonde om weg te gooien tenslotte.

What is a Bitcoin address again?

The first chapter of my book is now available as a blog post. Including a little quantum hot take at the end! sprovoost.nl/2022/11/10/what-i


(if you see this on your Home timeline, you didn't filter Chinese)

@mbrmark @tusky it would be nice if clients detected the language and set it automatically. Or if that's not accurate enough, it could prompt "are you sure this is English?" when you hit the Toot button, above some threshold.

@mbrmark @tusky did the authors you're looking at set the correct language for their post?

If you go to Preferences -> Other you can avoid seeing posts in languages you don't understand. Though this relies on the poster setting the language, which is currently a manual step. Also future versions of Mastodon might have machine translation. And you should just learn Dutch like it's 1699 :-)

The first letter went out! Glad to see ListMonk sent it out at the right time, since I wasn't sure if I configured the timezone correctly.

Also, RSS feed is coming soon.

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