@FreePietje @stevenroose @harding if your goal is to address climate change, you shouldn't conflate that with a dislike of the 0.1%. Their total CO2 emissions probably don't add up to more than a few Ryan Air flights.

Liberal democracies protect minority rights. That's a feature not bug. Historical attacks on rich elites by majority sentiment didn't end well.

As for offsetting CO2: you can plant trees, etc. But it's true we can't actually fix climate change with present technology.

@stevenroose @harding there's no need to ban something if you can simply tax it to offset externalities. This proposal sounds like pure populism to me.

Putting a price on life is hard, but you can easily figure out what CO2 tax is sufficient. So guns and CO2 are not comparable in this respect.


1) agreed, though I prefer a single CO2 tax instead of misc. fuel specific taxes

2) I'd prefer to drop VAT on train travel; having each EU country charge VAT on plane tickets is an accounting nightmare for sole proprietors, who have to file claims in each country for VAT refunds.

3)The VAT exempt shopping is usually way more expensive than regular shopping near train stations. More importantly it doesn't apply for flights inside EU.

Testnet blocks have been arriving at a crazy pace during the last ~36 hours. More than one block per minute and lots of stale ones: tbtc.bitaps.com

In case you ever need to rename a variable across multiple (e.g. 10) git commits:

git rebase -i HEAD~10 --exec 'git diff --name-only --diff-filter=AMC HEAD~ | xargs sed -i "s/BEFORE/AFTER/g"; git commit -a --amend --no-edit'

To edit commit messages:
git filter-branch -f --msg-filter 'sed -e "s/BEFORE/AFTER/g"' HEAD~10..HEAD

Based on: stackoverflow.com/a/39608848/3

I needed this for (and dozens of commits on top later): github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pul

@devrandom @orionwl github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/iss

Full disclaimer: I've been procrastinating for months on actually studying this topic.

Apple's increasing requirements (now notarization) are making it more and more difficult to distribute binaries for open source software

if this requires proprietary tools running on MacOS, this is the end of the gitian deterministically built binaries for that platform

New way to help fund my #Bitcoin work, for the folks who are boycotting Patreon but would still prefer to contribute in fiat currency.

(GitHub also *doesn't* have Patreon's 10% fee, and will even match contributions for a while!)


@jon @stevenroose @waxwing you can also load and unload wallets and list all wallets in your datadir.

RPC docs: bitcoincore.org/en/doc/0.18.0/

@waxwing and he even went into details about how to troll these analytics, like using revenue for the bar, paid by a Coinbase user, to buy legal gambling in Germany, and the customer loses their Coinbase account. I assume the customer voluntered 🙂

@sjors lol I was going to make the exact same post you just did on twitter; Laura Shin's just released podcast with Joerg Platzer placed an ad for cyphertrace (ridiculous dystopian 'crypto must be clean' drivel with robotic inhuman voice to match) right in the middle of Joerg explaining that fungibility and privacy are essential properties of money 😂


Banks are reverse ransomware.

Ransomware locks you out of your data and requires a payment to release it.

Banks lock you out of your money and require your private data to release it.

In both cases, there is no guarantee that they will honour their side of the contract, and sometimes, they just don't.

Today I learned far more about IPv6 than I wanted. It turns out my Bitcoin DNS seed (along with few others) was not reachable for nodes with only an IPv6 address. That's fixed now.

Though the people affected can't read this post anyway, because my Mastodon instance isn't reachable either :-)


This is my new Mastodon profile. I will boost it from my old one, waxwing@mastodon.social

Thanks @orionwl for hosting this :)

(I consider mastodon.social to be anti-free speech, hence the move).

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