@ted @liberachat same! I also added something that I just learned the hard way :-)

Libera is a week old, and we've come strong out the blocks. Thank you to our 20,000 users for your support, enthusiasm, and patience.

I've written a little about our first week and some of the projects we host here: libera.chat/news/one-week-of-l


#irc #liberachat

If you're using freenode.net for IRC, I suggest registering the same nickname on libera.chat

Typically as follows:
* connect to irc.libera.chat port 6697 (TLS)
* set your nickname: /nick hodl
* register it: /msg NickServ register PASSWORD hodl@bitcoin.org
* do what the confirmation email says

@PaulTroon @jb55 the virus doesn't stop at your nose and throat though. That's just there where we look for it with PCR swap. Virus pieces have been found all over the place in infected patients.

But indeed there could be something specific about releasing it from muscle cells. But that's tested in the phase 3 vaccine trials by monitoring volunteers for problematic symptoms and rejecting the vaccine if a problem like that is found.

@jb55 sometimes I find Bret and Heather get a little too carried away with the need to be contrarian and challenge "the narrative".

And covering a paper that they just got 2 minutes before the recording (maybe from a cynical listener anticipating their reaction and audience size) wasn't a smart move imo.

@jb55 I also don't really get what they meant with "by accident". Figuring out problems with a vaccine, and all its components, is the whole point of phase 3 trials. So afaik we only got lucky in the sense that otherwise we might not have a vaccine. But that's not news; it's generally considered a combination of luck and resources that we got the vaccines in a year rather than decades.

@jb55 they covered this in a couple of episodes. But eventually converge on at least one obvious point: you probably get a lot less exposure to spike when you take a vaccine than when you let the virus itself replicate.

What I did miss was an analysis of the dose: how much spike did they give these animal models, compared to how much is in a vaccine vs how much is in a natural infection. Everything is bad at *some* dose.

RT @provoost
This week @AaronvanW and I explain what happened with the "OFAC compliant" block (tl&dr: nothing).

It's not a very technical episode, but all the more dystopian. Is this the beginning of the end of Bitcoin? nadobtc.libsyn.com/mara-pool-a

@orionwl @bitcoincore when native PGP support for Mastodon? 🙂

Would be great if you can post a signed message and then each instance verifies it and displays a nice check mark.

Please follow this account for Bitcoin Core project news such as releases and security notifications

@adam @waxwing you could probably add a QR code to the podcast index for each of the lightning nodes listed so people can donate directly from that page.

@waxwing @adam yes you can donate to the podcast from Breez or any other wallet / player that understands these RSS fields. Or manually using keysend if you grab the lightning node id from the RSS feed.

@waxwing @adam why would you want that? podcasterwaller.com is a service for podcasters, not for listeners.

@waxwing @adam I meant that link should be on that page, though only on desktop, so I can't see it currently.

A sanity check would be to try a different podcast player.

Everything you wanted to know about the difference between Bitcoin Core's v0.21.1 Speedy Trial and the independent LOT=true release... and probably more.

@AaronvanW and I explain.

Warning: some thinking out loud and confusion is involved...

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