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The bird site just locked my account and censored my tweet. In case anyone wants a statement (you never know):

"If Twitter apparatchiks are OK with a call to global genocide by negligence, in order to boost the stock market, but is not OK with asking someone to try their own advice first, then go fuck yourself."

Also note how I didn't say "I hope you and your family get infected", so it's not even actually a violation of their policy. But whatever, now I have time to read Talebs new book.

I wanted something bigger to run my node on. Is it overkill? Yes! Do you really need that much CPU cooling for a server? Maybe.

Before: Khadas VIM2 Max with 256 GB SD card for blockdir, which ran out of space a week ago. It was also just unstable: randomly declaring blocks invalid and crashing, especially when connected to network cable.

After: Intel i5, 32 GB RAM, 512 GB SSD (using PCIe connector at the bottom of the motherboard). Case: Thermaltake Core V1

My five seconds of fame: "Sjors is actually, like he’s a dev"


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