Ok, either I completely destroyed my instance and nobody will read this, or I succesfully managed to get rid of the stupid "m." in my profile URL.

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@sjors Maar wat nou als ik deze toot wel lees én er nog die “m.” in je profiel-URL staat? 😲

@nieske de URL is hetzelfde, maar je zou me moeten kunnen vinden met "@sjors @ sprovoost.nl" (zonder spaties).

I.i.g. heeft het aanpassen van LOCAL_DOMAIN in m'n .env niet *alles* stuk gemaakt.

@matt yeah, it's not actually the URL that changed, it's just that "@ sjors @ sprovoost.nl" should work in user search.

@sjors Network tracking shows a 404 was returned and Mastodon just doesn't stop spinning in response

@matt @nieske turns out it's a bad idea to change LOCAL_DOMAIN once you've set things up.

I think the solution would be to setup a new Mastodon server on a different subdomain, which uses the root domain for LOCAL_DOMAIN and then just migrate my account there.


@sjors @nieske Oh, yea, there is a warning about not doing that in the docs...

@sjors You can also just come over to @bitcoin.ninja like the rest of us cool kids :p

@sjors Having your own instance for it is really awesome, but I really wish there was some way to get relay of everything on a few popular instances. There's the "Relay" feature in the settings, but none of the major instances use it (probably cause its too much data), but without it you are forced to always click through to other instances to see replies and discussion (for "boosts"). Would be really nice if there were a write-only relay option for those instances to use so that we can get it.

@sjors Otherwise you'd have to run a follow-bot, which is probably substantially frowned upon.

@matt I generally do see some replies when I click on a post, but probably more when I view it on the original page.

@sjors Maybe your instance starts downloading replies once the boost happens? Not 100% sure but you definitely miss a lot. If its originally from a followed account it seems to mostly not happen at all, same with if you're getting the feed of that account from a relay.

@matt @sjors@m.sprovoost.nl ok, now it properly redirects.

I think I lost 50 follows in the migration, but maybe those pop up later.

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