If you enjoy the Bitcoin, Explained podcast, you may want to check out my new book! It covers softfork activation mechanisms, what's cool about SegWit and Taproot, how nodes bootstrap to the network and find their peers, what an address really is, how AssumeUTXO can make initial block download suck less, how UtreeXO could compress the entire UTXO set into a kilobyte of merkle forest, how Guix makes reproduceable builds great again, and more.

More details and preview at: btcwip.com

G'day 'Strayans. Due to distribution related shitfuckery, I started an experiment where I'll ship the book directly to ya from the Melbourne printer.

Well obviously I won't do it myself, I just chuck your address into IngramSpark's manual ordering system (yeah, there's no API).

Powered by @BTCPayServer, maybe fiat later if Stripe doesn't pre-emptively cancel me.

All this for a mere AU$34.99 and with free shipping! No more slow imports from the UK and Murica.


I started dropping individual chapters in printer friendly PDFs. They're €0.99 a piece now (you're still welcome to compile it yourself from the source code).

Payment with ⚡ only. No personal details required, even email is optional. Eat that, fiat!

The first three chapters are:
1. Addresses (was already free to preview, but in regular book format)
7. Eclipse Attacks*
9. Guix (reproducible builds)*

* = shop also links to a free blog version


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