On chain privacy: it matters.

Though a leak of bank transactions would reveal a lot more detail, and require far less research than the authors of this article had to perform.

Towards the end the article goes a bit off track by speculating about whether or not Tether is causing a price pump.

"Nothing is inherently criminal or extreme about [cryptocurrency], and most of its users have no connections to the extreme far right." - this sets the right tone for the article.

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@sjors well, i mean .. are they doing anything more than tracking in/out of these static donation addresses? It's not just that it's not rocket science, it also doesn't tell anything more than amount received (since outbound aren't necessarily to someone else).

And given that non-static don. addrs. are nearly trivially easy nowadays, I'm not sure it says much.

@waxwing they seem to do slightly more, e.g. corroborate on chain data with what they said on social media. Later in the article they point out some folks started to no longer reuse addresses (with BitPay as an example), which made their work more difficult.

@waxwing many $5 wrench and other attacks can probably be avoided by defeating non-rocket-science analytics :-)

As I learned as a kid: you don't need great bicycle locks, just one more than the bike you park next to.

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