Some progress in my plan to move from iOs to ... the Pixel 6 (Pro) has been released and they're starting to work on support.

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What's the latest on Bitcoin / Lightning wallets working with ? Just everything with an APK? What about Phoenix?

If GrapheneOS is indeed closed source that would be a blocker. I noticed in their Matrix chat there's a big feud between these two projects, where the GrapheneOS stated policy is to ban anyone from the chat who is associated with the other project. There's either a very good reason for that or is it beyond childish. In the latter case the project is doomed since children can't build secure systems.

@sjors blockstream green has been available via f-droid App Store for a long time and works without issues. I used to get the Aurora app to download some other apps from play store.

@sjors I have used Simple Bitcoin Wallet, Samourai Wallet and Phoenix without any problems. I assume you won't be able to find a wallet that doesn't work properly, but if you find one, GrapheneOS is working on improving their sandboxed "Play services compatibility layer". Which is already working great with 1-2 work arounds you have to do, but they should be solved ~ the same time as the Pixel 6 support begins.

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