Are there any cities left on the planet that meet the following criteria?
-A single middle-class income can support a family (housing + health care)
-Young ppl aren't brainwashed by SJWs
-Reasonable expectation of socioeconomic advancement

@sjors Help me out here, I'm a sheltered American. the only examples i can think of are, like, Guadalajara or costa Rica. And i'm not sure they satisfy the 3rd criterion

@eiaine SJW's are generally just found in elite places like universities and fancy employers. Is there even a single woke truck driver? So tell the kids to hang out with normal people. I live in Utrecht and haven't seen any of my neighbors hang out BLM signs.

@sjors omg. SJW is now everywhere in the US. my mother in law lives in a retirement home, and even they had BLM signs


@eiaine woke retirement homes, ouch. To be fair: the BLM protests were massive and I doubt everyone there endorses the woke idiology.

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@sjors @eiaine
Perth, Western Australia. Sunny all year, no one really gives a shit about politics because it’s all miles away and had about two weeks of lock down in April everything open and normal since.

@Petewinn @eiaine Western Australia did an excellent job at closing their borders. Tempting, but too far away from the rest of the world.

@Petewinn @eiaine mainland China isn't very woke either. Their government certainly doesn't want ethnic diversity. And they have only one pronoun (ta) for all genders.

@sjors @Petewinn yeah... i hate to say it, but mainland China will probably see greater improvements in living standards than anywhere in the US, over the next generation.

@eiaine @Petewinn not just China. Places like Germany are decades ahead of most (urban) US in terms of quality of live. This happen long before wokeness came around. Most of the US is physically stuck in 1950.

China looks even more modern, but shitty construction quality could set them back a century when skyscrapers start burning and collapsing randomly, like what happened in Shanghai. Or when fireworks factories explode.

@eiaine @Petewinn but if China suddenly becomes a healthy democracy and really starts appreciating craftmanship again, like before Mao, then I would be extremely bullish on that country. Probably spend a lot more time there too.

@sjors @eiaine
Tbf the rest of the world isn’t looking as inviting as it used to be and right now everyone has got used to video calling which is useful!

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