Podcasting 2.0 episode 11 "Streaming Sats" with @adam and @dave explain lightning payments in the Sphinx chat app, which is now also a podcast app.

I managed to get it running against my own Lnd node using sphinx-relay. It's still rather tedious, so I find myself watching debug logs and manually managing channels so the podcasters get their minutely sats. But it's very promising.

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@sjors @dave Excellent! If you need inbound liquidity let me now.
Peking a channel to my node may help routing. Let me know.

@adam @dave your node public is 03c140809c1c27433c1ee1826e52307fdd1ef1f891f5eda8d021e5b6433875d33e right? I'm opening a channel to it, but might take a while because I was stingy with the transaction fee.

I also have a channel with what I believe is the main Sphinx node 023d70f2f76d283c6c4e58109ee3a2816eb9d8feb40b23d62469060a2b2867b77f, but it appears to be down. Earlier today it was nicely relaying payments to you.

@sjors @dave

No, that’s Dave’s node.

Mine is


@adam @dave do you have the full node URL? According to 1ml . com it should be 036557ea56b3b86f08be31bcd2557cae8021b0e3a9413f0c0e52625c6696972e57@upht45vjy4setdlzh6eqjcewndojvf2iq6v46gpwgqyyfil7ys7ufhad.onion:9735 but that's unreachable.

@sjors @dave


Definitely online

@adam @dave strange, I get "host unreachable". I'm able to connect to other onion hosts, e.g. 02cab0bfa32dc0d54674b240c990775450df6be603956875fa4d414905f60047c3@6rfxfzx4zsy5rahaeui4w43umdz5cjgs4tyid4xfzytiv5r6p43bxrid.onion:9735

@adam @dave it might be more productive to connect directly to the node that runs the tribe. That seems to be 0236b79638b8f133eca00765786da784bd3db4187dd6e1f28be85d4a0f547150d8@ but I can't connect to that either 😞

It has one major (public) peer which I previously had a channel with but somehow lost:

The future ... it's here!

@adam @dave alright connected to the main node that links to all the other instances!

@sjors @adam Did you open a connection to me? You're welcome to.

@dave @adam I was connected to this node:

But after half a dozen successful payments the connection dropped and I'm talking into the void again...

@sjors @adam Give me your node connection string and I'll open a channel with you.

@dave @adam I prefer not to reveal my node (though it's not terribly well hidden). But if you connect to me the balance will be on your side of the channel, meaning I still won't be able to make payments. I think I managed to stabilize the connection though.

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