Goodbye GitHub 👋
Youtube-dl is a legitimate tool with a world of a lawful uses. Demanding its removal from Github is a disappointing and counterproductive move by the RIAA.

@emil I mean, yes, it has its legitimate uses, but they're also not that wrong that it's a tool that's specifically built to circumvent protection mechanisms that are, grantedly among other content, used for content they manage, so the claim isn't completely unreasonable. It's not GitHubs fault that they're pulling it, because the alternative would be for them to pay for a lawyer for each and every claim for all projects. I don't think there are any reputable code hosters who'd do that.

@momar It's indeed not GHs fault but it just made me realize that repos are generally not secure on a centralized platform.


@emil @momar I don't get why EFF is "disappointed" by the RIAA. It's like being disappointed by Philip Morris still trying to get children addicted to smoking in countries where they get away with it.

The good news is that although Github is centralized, git repositories themselves are not. So it's probably fine to use Github as long as it works. Don't jump off a ship before it sinks, even if you're a good swimmer :-)

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@sjors @emil @momar Been waiting on #ForgeFed myself before jumping the ship. Now considering to jump early.

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