We also switched from USB mics to analog gear. It's an absolute pain in the ass to get multiple USB mics to behave, especially when there's three, as in episode 8 with Ruben Somsen about state chains. macOS just magically combines them in a single surround sound track, leaving your audio editor confused. No way to adjust volume. Monitoring also adds a slight delay, making you feel you're a robot. It's easy to mess up settings and fail to record and annoying to export in useful format. So...

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The new setup is based on this 5 year old blog post. Although Zoom (slighty?) updated their H6 it's nice to see not much changed.

Plug analog mics into the little device, turn of phones to prevent interference, adjust volume (I need more practice with that), press record, press stop, put SD card in laptop and mail WAV files (1 per mic) to editor. 3 meter extension cables even make it corona-proof :-)

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