I would like to thank "Medium" for its laughable "you have to sign up" message on blog posts, since it encourages me to use the Tor browser more 👍

@waxwing if it's a link to medium, i don't open it, period


@jon @waxwing I've been very lazy moving my Medium over to Wordpress one by one, but it will happen...

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@sjors @waxwing my "blog/website" is just minimal HTML and a bit of CSS from Lisa Neigut (and so it looks a lot like her site, basicbitch.software, but that's fine)

@sjors @jon @waxwing

@sjors consider using some static site generator like Jekyll, Hugo or others. Less hadcore than @jon manual (?) html, and less overkill than PHP running for every requst. Unless you need interaction like comments (as Disqus would be horrible alternative for users, privacy-wise, in static site scenario)

@Talkless @sjors @waxwing

yes, bitcoin optech and the bitcoin core review club both use jekyll+liquid.

it's ok, though at that level of abstraction i'd almost rather just use ruby on rails (which i was admittedly very familiar with) and which doesn't have the limits of jekyll/liquid

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