@AaronvanW addendum: it looks like the 1 MB limit did have an activation flag height. There's actually 3 commits:
1. introduce the limit: github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/com
2. set a flag height: github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/com
3. remove the flag height (presumably once it was active): github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/com

The changes are buried deep inside innocuously named commits. Don't get lazy with code review...

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@sjors @AaronvanW i really like the point made starting at 23:20

About avoiding the precedent of too much developer power, which can eventually lead to devs getting pressured by governments to do nasty stuff that nobody bothers to review until it's too late?

@sjors @AaronvanW
Is there a RSS feed just for this show? I could only find it as part of bitcoin magazine's, which contains a whole bunch of other things

@sjors @jon @stevenroose @AaronvanW
Yeah, I'll manually select the episodes to download in AntennaPod then ;-)

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