I added a separate account to relay my bird site remarks. Just follow it here:

It uses by @ayushsharma22 and a simple cron job every minute.

If you use PyEnv then you can make a bash script like so, and have the cron job call it:

#! /bin/bash
cd tweet-toot
source venv/bin/activate
cd tweet-toot

You can have cron log the output:
* * * * * ~/ >> ~/bird_toot.log 2>&1

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@sjors I'm wondering how you even found this script? I don't market this much, so I'm always curious to understand that.

@ayushsharma22 just Google. Thanks for writing it!

I'll just bug you with feature requests while you're here: can you add support for threads? And images?

It would also be nice if the tool (optionally) links back to the bird site. But not when the message contains a link, because then you get the wrong preview.

For those who only relay their own account, is it possible to use the Twitter API instead of scraping?

@sjors These are pretty interesting. Let me see what I can do. The API thing might be a no-go though since that's a HUGE change to my tiny little script, but will work on the rest :)

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