Allow me to plug here as well. It displays a "fire chart", as Yaneer Bar-Yam from calls them, for all Dutch provinces. You can drill down on a province to see how its municipalities are doing.

Built with Ruby on Rails, initially hosted on Heroku, but I moved it to my own Ubuntu server, which was easier than I expected.

It's open source, and should be easy to adapt to other countries; happy to accept PR's to make maintaining a fork easier.

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I'm glad the health authorities are publishing some useful data, but availability and format are terrible. I ended up using a GeoServices REST endpoint provided by Esri. They in turn download and process CSV (!) files from government. There's gaps in the early data. The daily numbers are historical totals, which I then subtract to figure out the daily number of positive test results. Negative numbers mean a correction, but historical totals can also change. Anyway, it seems to work now.

My favourite feature is an RSS feed per municipality . It lets you know when to return your bunker 🙂

Or in my case: when to come out of it. A green two-week streak is my personal threshold for going to indoor settings like a supermarket or hair dresser. That's not happening any time soon in my area.

I occasionally nag my municipality about the latest numbers, but they don't offer any explanation. Hopefully that changes if enough people start asking questions based on this data.

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