The bird site just locked my account and censored my tweet. In case anyone wants a statement (you never know):

"If Twitter apparatchiks are OK with a call to global genocide by negligence, in order to boost the stock market, but is not OK with asking someone to try their own advice first, then go fuck yourself."

Also note how I didn't say "I hope you and your family get infected", so it's not even actually a violation of their policy. But whatever, now I have time to read Talebs new book.

I visited the bird site Kangaroo court. You get exactly 200 characters to appeal their flagging, and explain why they're idiots. Then you get an email without explanation that they deny your appeal.

Essentially they just want you to delete the tweet. There's probably no human involved in the process. No replies means you can't do a Turing test.

Weirdly enough you can just login and fill out the appeal form again. So I guess I'll just keep exchanging insults with a robot :-)


Meanwhile Draper is still actively putting lives at risk, both through his direct actions and insane policy recommendations. But clearly getting people killed is fine by Twitter policy. As long as there are no guns involved.

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Fortunately a combination of contact tracing and genetic forensics mean we can keep track of how many infection he caused down the pipeline, and hopefully hold him accountable.

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