Some podcast recommendations!

1: A podcast that might annoy you, possibly, but I'll still recommend it:

the a16z podcast on blockchain stuff recently:

To be clear, I think the theses being discussed here are all quite badly wrong, and it's particularly revealing that they describe Bitcoin as slow and in discussing scaling they mention LN not once. I could go on but you get the picture. Why recommend? You should hear other perspectives.



@waxwing I actually stopped listening to the A16Z podcast a year ago because indeed they seem either utterly clueless or willfully ignorant (bags).

@sjors @waxwing I agree with you Sjors about a16z and also with waxwing on listening to different perspectives.

For example, a BCH supporter and I follow each other on the bird site. We even have civil, light exchanges 😄, like this one today:

@jon @sjors

Yeah I think we all agree really. I partly recommend precisely because you should know just how badly out of whack the Silicon Valley VC set it :)

@waxwing @jon well there seems to be at least one VC out there who gets it: (final talk on day 2 of )

@sjors @waxwing yes, saw her speak at Breaking Bitcoin in Paris 18 months ago and thought the same

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