Feeling like ragequitting all these stupid communications methods.

Signal - sigh, OK, if you really need me to (but it needs my telephone number damn it)
Telegram - ffs really?
Slack - god this is about as anathema to bitcoin as it gets but sigh, for this one thing I'll use it ...
IRC - love it, lightweight, text based and open, but: it's a hassle setting up a bouncer, so no surprise vast majority of people don't use it.
Still answering twitter DMs but if it requires some ident. again ...


@waxwing I move most new contacts to Signal and just try to avoid using that phone number for 2FA. I wish Signal just let you register an arbitrary user id. It's strictly better than WhatsApp privacy wise, since that also requires a phone number.

I use Slack for very few things.

It shouldn't be hard to make IRC suck less, but there's not much incentive. Maybe Casa can add a bouncer?

Twitter is a timesuck, so I don't have DM open. My email is easy to find if it's important enough to bother me.

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