There have been a couple high-profile cases of fraudulently signed messages using the public key from block 9's coinbase tx. That output is known to have been owned by Satoshi (it was involved in the infamous 'first transaction', sending coins to Hal Finney), and since the coins were spent, the pubkey is known as well.

Anyways, here is some interesting info on how these fraudulent signatures are constructed:


@htimsxela at the time transactions were pay to public key, rather than pay to public hash. So the pubkey would have been known with or without spending. But yeah, CSW and friends really seem to love fake cryprographic proof.

@sjors Good point, my mistake! I forgot about P2PK while writing that post, thanks for the correction.

I think CSW & co seem to love scamming people for the own profits, the faked cryptographic proofs are just a tool that helps them, unfortunately :p

On one hand, its frustrating that others must spend time and energy refuting their claims/fraud. But on the other hand, I guess it is good that the result is a more informed and educated userbase.

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