If you move to a new instance, use your old account to boost at least one tweet from your new account. At least with Amarok on iOs that way it's easier to follow your new account, as the redirect stuff doesn't seem to do much yet.


And when you post a link to your new account, it's treated as a regular link and Amaroq opens Safari, which is then on a instance website that I don't have an account for, so I have to copy paste the URL, browse to my own instance and then follow from there. With a boost I can just click follow. UX needs some love.

@sjors in the desktop website there's a thing called "remote follow": if you are on another instance (and you are obviously not authenticates on that one) you can type in your full username (name + instance) and it automatically connects to yours and open the "follow confirmation" popup.

It's worse than Twitter but it doesn't bother me that much..

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