Oops, I think my Mastodon instance was down for a few months :-)

Libera is a week old, and we've come strong out the blocks. Thank you to our 20,000 users for your support, enthusiasm, and patience.

I've written a little about our first week and some of the projects we host here: libera.chat/news/one-week-of-l


#irc #liberachat

If you're using freenode.net for IRC, I suggest registering the same nickname on libera.chat

Typically as follows:
* connect to irc.libera.chat port 6697 (TLS)
* set your nickname: /nick hodl
* register it: /msg NickServ register PASSWORD hodl@bitcoin.org
* do what the confirmation email says

RT @provoost
This week @AaronvanW and I explain what happened with the "OFAC compliant" block (tl&dr: nothing).

It's not a very technical episode, but all the more dystopian. Is this the beginning of the end of Bitcoin? nadobtc.libsyn.com/mara-pool-a

Please follow this account for Bitcoin Core project news such as releases and security notifications

Everything you wanted to know about the difference between Bitcoin Core's v0.21.1 Speedy Trial and the independent LOT=true release... and probably more.

@AaronvanW and I explain.

Warning: some thinking out loud and confusion is involved...

gitian builders, it's that time again 😀

bitcoin core 0.21.1 release candidate 1 (v0.21.1rc1) has been tagged and this tutorial for building gitian sigs just updated


SLP268 @peterktodd Should Signal Have Used #Bitcoin Instead?

We chat:
- MobileCoin centralisation
- Tradeoffs of using Bitcoin and Lightning instead
- The future for private messaging


itshappening.jpg ..?


Opened 4 hours ago and there are already about 8 responses :)


You see this waving hand? It means stay away from these imbeciles.

In episode 34 @AaronvanW and I explain Erlay (mempool set reconciliation) and how it relates to those moon base iris scans we all use: nadobtc.libsyn.com/scaling-bit

The Van Wirdum Sjorsnado now accepts your sats! Breez just released a quick fix to make it play nicely with c-lightning (and the lightning spec).

Just search for "van" in the Podcast tab.

We seem to be one of few (haha) podcasts that actually use the new RSS tags to announce a node. Not even @adam does that afaik :-) Most other podcasts use a workaround like podcasterwallet.com/

Are there any other players I should test?

@dave @adam I added a podcast:value and podcast:valueRecipient tag to my RSS feed. How long should it take for the indexer to pick it up? It would be nice to have a command line tool to validate these new tags.

Yes! It's that time in the quarter where my certbot cronjob screws up again and my instance goes down... back!

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