Aaron and I were joined again by Ruben Somsen to explain Chaumian digital cash, blind signatures and the new Minimint system that Blockstream's recently announced to sponsor.

The initiative seeks to minimize legal headaches that discourage software developers from actively contributing to #Bitcoin.

@namcios covers the news:


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I apologize in advance of the board meeting. I have been called to the front lines for an appearance on the Joe Rogan Experience.

After a secret discussion in a smoky back room, the executive board decided we must sacrifice this week's meeting for the opportunity at hand.

Please direct any complaints to management

If you want to dive even deeper into this rabbit hole, go watch Greg Maxwell's 2017 talk on block propagation advancements: youtube.com/watch?v=EHIuuKCm53

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TIL Mastodon has a mute feature that lets you keep notifications. That's useful for people whose brain dumps smell, but they're not stalking you, so there's no need to block their replies to you. Or they're not so irredeemable that you don't want them to even know you exist :-)

Or whatever, anyway it's nice to have more finegrained control.

More moronic behaviour from the Binance casino:


Give them a taproot withdrawal address, they *literally change the address*, just changing the segwit version from 1 to 0, (valid because P2WSH length) because ... lol?

People sometimes say 'why do you care if the exchange does shitcoins?'. This is why. They just burned ~7.5K of this guy's money. He'll probably get it back because they're so rich they don't care, but he'll have to argue with them first.


Interesting conversation, including the problem of spam token for famous people, and the worry of doxxing people's real world identity in a (undeletable) transaction to their pseudonim . eth

@Raindogdance i've deleted my twitter this was intentional, don't know if i'll be back

Why New York’s Billionaires’ Row Is Half Empty
(buy Bitcoin, not empty real estate)

What's the current status of threshold (t-of-n) signatures in Bitcoin? Most material I've found is about musig2 for multisignatures (n-on-n).

Is actual threshold sigs possible, and with what limitations?

I know you can "cheat" by using key-path multisignature for the most common set of t signers, and separate multisignature script paths for each of the other sets.



(seriously worth a watch, because ... I've never seen anything quite like it).

#bitcoin #lightning

You can now say "Covid escaped from a lab!" on the bird site.

(Fwiw my money is still on the raccoon dog for ~November 2019)

On chain privacy: it matters.

Though a leak of bank transactions would reveal a lot more detail, and require far less research than the authors of this article had to perform.

Towards the end the article goes a bit off track by speculating about whether or not Tether is causing a price pump.

"Nothing is inherently criminal or extreme about [cryptocurrency], and most of its users have no connections to the extreme far right." - this sets the right tone for the article.

Interesting story here, h/t @kristapsk , apparently latest openssl has in some sense 'deprecated' RIPEMD160 (which is used in creating legacy bitcoin addresses), in the sense that it won't be available in the default configuration of the newest openssl.

openssl is one of those scary things you try hard to not use because it's a bunch of dependency cruft.

But ! In python, hashlib is apparently using it under the hood ... (1/2)

Did I miss something other than Jack abandoning the sinking bird site ship?

I like how he apparently wants the company to be founderless, i.e. become an even more soulless American megacorp.

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