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If you enjoy the Bitcoin, Explained podcast, you may want to check out my new book! It covers softfork activation mechanisms, what's cool about SegWit and Taproot, how nodes bootstrap to the network and find their peers, what an address really is, how AssumeUTXO can make initial block download suck less, how UtreeXO could compress the entire UTXO set into a kilobyte of merkle forest, how Guix makes reproduceable builds great again, and more.

More details and preview at:

Ok, either I completely destroyed my instance and nobody will read this, or I succesfully managed to get rid of the stupid "m." in my profile URL.

What is a Bitcoin address again?

The first chapter of my book is now available as a blog post. Including a little quantum hot take at the end!


(if you see this on your Home timeline, you didn't filter Chinese)

If you go to Preferences -> Other you can avoid seeing posts in languages you don't understand. Though this relies on the poster setting the language, which is currently a manual step. Also future versions of Mastodon might have machine translation. And you should just learn Dutch like it's 1699 :-)

The first letter went out! Glad to see ListMonk sent it out at the right time, since I wasn't sure if I configured the timezone correctly.

Also, RSS feed is coming soon.

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As I pointed out on the bird site, this spot could use more trees. It's not brutalist enough either, so it probably just needs to be redeveloped from scratch :-)

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Had a great time hanging out in Berlin and attending the socratic seminar and subsequent burger.

Voor wie Mastodon bekijkt op desktop en afgesneden afbeeldingen ziet, zoals deze hieronder: via Preferences kan je "Crop images in non-expanded posts to 16x9" uitvinken en dan zie je ze op het juiste formaat.


How badly is Twitter's codebase failing?

When Mar Hicks ( who is a great follow and is here at @histoftech ) tweeted behind a locked account about how badly twitter's code base was failing, twitter's code base failed and when another user shared the URL it was visible to the world—a huge security failure. Moreover their account shows up as private or public depending on the app you use to view the account.

(Link to the article that they were sharing: )

6,002,045 accounts
+3,848 in the last hour
+84,901 in the last day
+265,032 in the last week

Does anyone have any good write ups/info on the *recent* (starting June, I think) DDoS attacks on Tor?


Don't have time to read an entire book? No problem! My new mailinglist will feed it to you in tiny bites, occasionally spiced up with some new thoughts of my own.

So since we are all on Mastodon now, you guys may be interested in reading about a culture war between different instances that happened last year. Quite a fascinating story

@Taaldokter je kan mensen volgen op andere instances. Niet-gelijkstemden zijn wel te vinden. Op dat vlak is het "jammer" dat de Truth Social en Gab instances (allebei Mastodon!) eilanden zijn die je van buitenaf juist niet kan volgen. Wellicht dat ze ooit hun poort naar beneden laten. Hoe dan ook geen zorg: het internet blijft zelden lang gezellig.

Mastodon will update to 4.0 soon! Here are the most exciting new features (in addition to fixes & changes):

- ability to follow hashtags
- ability to filter by language
- ability to translate posts
- ability to post HEIC files (i.e. your iPhone’s native photo format)
- define user roles (big deal for admins)
- define sign-up process on your Instance (admins again)

See all changes here:

Thanks, @Gargron and @Mastodon Team. #Mastodon4

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